RIFT is now completely free for everyone

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|06.12.13

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RIFT is now completely free for everyone
RIFT is now completely free for everyone
The game that once denounced free-to-play has gone free-to-play. Trion Worlds' RIFT can now be enjoyed with "no trials, no tricks, and no traps" for anyone who wants to explore the game.

"The aim is to keep free and paid players on the same level - this is not pay-to-win," said Creative Director Bill Fisher. "Players will see key differences between RIFT and other MMOs that have adopted free-to-play: we don't restrict content, and we don't offer pay-to-win items."

To help celebrate the new content in RIFT 2.3 and its new F2P status, Trion has also released a brand new trailer and set of screenshots that can be seen below.

[Source: Trion Worlds press release]%Gallery-101448%

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