Supergiant: Transistor PS4 deal doesn't influence port timing

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Supergiant: Transistor PS4 deal doesn't influence port timing
Supergiant Transistor PS4 deal doesn't prohibit port timing
Supergiant's relationship with Sony and the deal to bring Transistor to PS4 doesn't limit when or prohibit how the studio pursues ports. "Just the fact that we're shipping simultaneously on PC, I think, gives you some sense. They've been very accommodating," Supergiant's Greg Kasavin said of Sony during an E3 appointment.

"After our initial launch, nothing is ruled out. It's our game and our IP – the game is making its console debut on PS4 and coming to PC as well. That makes the most sense for us as a small team; it's a similar path to what we did with Bastion," Kasavin said. "For us, it's really important to not be tied down for the long haul, because Bastion's success was not made on any one platform. That being said, our focus is absolutely on a successful PS4 launch and also our Steam PC launch, because if that does not go well, there will not be other versions of the game, most likely and so forth.

"We're excited about what the PS4 is, what it represents and its potential to be a great home for a game like this. So that informed our decision and, you know, after the launch, who's to say? It's anyone's guess, but Sony has shown an incredible amount of faith in us. So in turn we plan to make it the strongest launch as we can. I think it's safe to say we're not going to be on other platforms two days after launch – or possibly ever. We simply don't know."%Gallery-191372%
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