WSJ: T-Mobile, VZW don't directly share call data to NSA, but that might not matter

Updated ·1 min read

Providing another wrinkle to the recently exploding privacy debate, a Wall Street Journal report indicates which wireless companies are providing call information to the government. According to the infamous people familiar with the matter, foreign ownership of Verizon and T-Mobile presents several obstacles including them in the program. Chief among them is that the requests are top secret and might prohibit some of the owners from being aware.

Meanwhile, Sprint and AT&T are said to have "long cooperated with the government," although it may not really matter which provider you're using when it comes to popping up in NSA-requested files. Last week's leaked court order requested call logs and metadata from Verizon Business Network Services, which, along with AT&T provides the backbone most calls go through. No matter which carrier you're on, if your call is routed along that backbone, the information about it is recorded and could be passed along.