BBC iPlayer Radio app adds Glastonbury coverage

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BBC iPlayer Radio app adds Glastonbury coverage

The BBC has updated its popular iPlayer Radio app with Glastonbury coverage. From the app's release notes:

It's summer festival time! This update adds access to the BBC's extensive Glastonbury coverage, which will include live video streams throughout the event, as well as live performance video clips, photos, line up, artist information and more.

The Glastonbury Festival is an annual event that takes place in Somerset, England. The festival spotlights a wide range of artists across all genres, but particularly music. The BBC has been toting this year's Glastonbury Festival as the "most digital Glastonbury ever" so it's no surprise they've added dedicated Festival coverage to the iPlayer Radio app. Glastonbury Festival fans can also download the official Glastonbury Festival 2013 app here.

The Glastonbury Festival runs from Wednesday, June 26th until Sunday, June 30th. iPlayer Radio is a free download in the UK App Store.

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