The Division has 'classless characters,' second screen detailed

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The Division has 'classless characters,' second screen detailed
Ubisoft has shed a little light on its new Tom Clancy open-world RPG for Xbox One and PS4, The Division. First and foremost, the game has no predefined classes. Players are allowed to assign skills to their characters as they see fit and those skills are "totally changeable." So, you're able to spec your character as a healer or tank or whatever the situation demands.

The publisher also detailed The Division's second screen experience, which allows players to join games via a mobile device. Joining a game via a tablet allows players to take on the role of a drone that can provide a number of benefits to players on a console. The drone is able to heal and provide buffs to players, tag and debuff enemies, and it can even summon a missile strike. Drones have their own progression system as well.

As did many of the games shown at E3, The Division will employ a seamless multiplayer system, allowing online squads to play cooperatively or engage in PVP without leaving the game world. A "black-market economy" system will allow players to create weapons and items and trade them with others.
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