Lenovo Miix is a watered-down ThinkPad Tablet 2, starts at $500 (hands-on)

Comb through Lenovo's current product lineup, and you'll find a little something for everyone. A Windows 8 tablet for businesses? Check. How 'bout a consumer model? Yep, that too. But hey, you can never have too many, right? After releasing the IdeaTab Lynx tablet, Lenovo is now launching the Miix, a 10-inch model that's also meant to be used with a keyboard. All told, it's sort of like a watered-down ThinkPad Tablet 2, insofar as it has the same rubbery, soft-touch finish and some very similar specs. Chiefly, it has a dual-core Intel Atom processor along with a 10.1-inch, 1,366 x 768 display, 64GB of on-board storage, an optional keyboard case and a battery rated for 10 hours of runtime. The two even weigh about the same: 1.27 pounds for the Miix, and 1.25 pounds for the WiFi-only TP Tablet.

What's missing, of course, are all the goodies that make the ThinkPad more of a premium device -- you know, NFC, mobile broadband and an active digitizer for pen input. Also, whereas the TP Tablet 2 sports dual cameras, the Miix has just a front-facing webcam, and the resolution's been downgraded from two megapixels to 1.3. Expect it to hit shelves in Q3, with a starting price of $500 (that keyboard will cost $49 extra). For now, check out our hands-on photos below.%Gallery-191847%%Gallery-191898%