Nissan shows off 185 mph ZEOD RC electric prototype, plans to race it at Le Mans

Nissan's just pulled the covers off its fancifully styled ZEOD RC race car that may eventually hit speeds of up to 300km/h (about 185mph). Though the acronym stands for "zero emissions, on demand," the vehicle could end up being a hybrid model that switches between gas and EV modes (as opposed to a pure electric car) by the time it hits Le Mans in 2014. Regardless, the company's Nismo racing division (creator of the all-electric Nismo RC) plans to enter it in the so-called Garage 56 class of the famed race, reserved for vehicles that showcase breakthrough technology. While the company flaunted the design at Circuit de la Sarthe in France today, the car won't start trials until later this summer, after which the final drivetrain will be chosen. Prior to hitting the track, though, it'll have its work cut out just to top Toyota's P001, the current EV lap-speed champ.