Leap Motion and Airspace App Store coming July 22

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Leap Motion and Airspace App Store coming July 22

Leap Motion has entered a new developer beta that will lead up to the product's ship date of July 22. Its product, the Leap Motion Controller, is a tiny device you plug into your computer that allows you to interact with it through hand gestures in the air. With the announcements of the latest beta, Leap also unveiled its Airspace App Store. The Airspace App Store will feature more than 100 apps upon launch, however not all the apps will be Mac compatible. Some will be Windows only.

In a blog post announcing the new beta and Airspace App Store Leap said that beta testers will have access to the following:

  • Mac and Windows OS interaction – They'll be able to scroll and click with simple finger moves, and Windows users can open and navigate metro apps, like a recipe collection or a game, with ease.
  • Airspace Home – The desktop launcher is where all Leap Motion apps will live. This includes other software on the computer that uses a Leap Motion API, like Google Earth.
  • Airspace Store – Browse, buy and download apps across a wide variety of categories. Users can access the store through Airspace Home.
  • Orientation – Our interactive tutorial, which will run after testers download the Leap Motion software, will help orient them to Leap Motion's field of view and the zone of interaction when using Leap Motion for the first time.

Leap has a strong Apple connection, with its President and COO Andy Miller having come from Apple where he was the vice president of Mobile Advertising at the company, leading the iAd program. The Leap Motion Controller will cost US$79.99. Interested parties can preorder the device now.

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