Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced leaks out in red and blue

Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTEAdvanced leaks out in full

Variants -- Samsung's clearly a fan of them. Need solid evidence of that? Just look to the company's recent London event where a slew of Galaxy S4 products, like the Active, the Mini and the Zoom were officially introduced. But there's one more GS4 on the way and, as Samsung head JK Shin previously confirmed, it's going to be the 'world's first' to run on the ridiculously high-speed LTE-Advanced. Well, it appears that handset (purported to bear a Snapdragon 800) is close to final production, as Korean site has allegedly obtained two glossy units offered in two gaudy hues: crimson red and cobalt blue. Though these could turn out to be masterful fakes, everything from the faux wood grain on the paper packaging, to the logo-ridden protective screen cover to the cross-hatched back emblazoned with the LTE-Advanced logo seem to be the real deal. When and where we'll actually see this GS4 LTE-A officially launched is another matter. But if you're in the mood for a very comprehensive photo tour of the two devices in question, hit up the source below.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTEAdvanced leaks out in red and blue