Christie's launches First Bytes auction featuring rare pieces of Apple history

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John-Michael Bond
June 27th, 2013
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Christie's launches First Bytes auction featuring rare pieces of Apple history

If you've got access to hundreds of thousands of dollars and a knack for collecting Apple artifacts you're in luck. World famous auction house Christie's has launched an online-only listing of ten lots featuring rare and "iconic technology from the twentieth century," the majority of it highlighting Apple's cutting edge history.

The listing states

1976, Palo Alto: A young Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs pore over Wozniak's circuit designs in Jobs' parents' garage, hand-assembling a modest device that would help catalyze the Information Revolution: the "Apple I," their fledgling company's first computer. As part of this exclusive online auction of vintage Apple products, June 24 through July 9, Christie's is offering one of the first 25 Apple I's assembled-inscribed with the serial number 01-0025 in black ink, and signed "Woz." A 1983 Apple "Lisa" (named after Jobs' daughter), an assortment of early prototypes, software and other must-haves for the retro tech lover complete this fascinating look back at the future.

Included among the lots is one of the first 25 Apple 1 computers the company made, signed by Steve Wozniak himself. Other items up for auction include the Apple Lisa, a prototype Apple IIGS, and a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh limited to 12,000 units.

The auction runs through July 9th. In the meantime take a look through some remarkable piece of Apple history. You can find the listings here.

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