The majority of iPad owners prefer landscape over portrait

Touch publishing company OnSwipe has released its first OnSwipe Sage report that details how users interact with the iPad. The report surveyed the habits of 127 million iPad users and this is what it found:

  • While 41.2 percent of iPad users prefer portrait mode, 59.8 percent preferred landscape mode.

  • The five most popular US cities for iPad usage are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston.

  • The most popular time for iPad usage is 10 PM local time.

  • The top search engine used on the iPad is Google, followed by Yahoo, then Bing.

  • Facebook accounts for the most social referrals on the iPad, with Twitter coming next, then Pinterest, then Reddit.

  • In all, 54.8 percent of people use email to share things on their iPad. That's more than Facebook's sharing usage which is 28.9 percent on the iPad.