ATD: Microsoft Xbox head Don Mattrick leaving for unknown role (updated)

The president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick, is leaving the company according to a report at AllThingsD. His division oversees the Xbox gaming properties as well as the company's peripheral gaming initiatives. He's most recently known as the man who introduced the world to the Xbox One, as he took the stage on Microsoft's campus this past May to introduce the controller, next-gen Kinect sensor, and new console. He's been with the IEB department since 2010. He's gotten in trouble with consumers lately, after he gave dismissive answers about the Xbox One's always online policy and $499 price point. He's also the man who wrote Microsoft's public DRM reversal letter.

Furthermore, ATD says Mattrick could be headed to social gaming giant Zynga; the Bay Area-based company declined a comment to our sister site Joystiq. It's unclear who would step in to Mattrick's spot if he is indeed leaving. We've yet to hear back from Microsoft, though we'll update this post when we hear more.

Update: It's offical. He's the new CEO of Zynga, and you can read all about it right here.