Gloria Victis releases its first pre-alpha trailer

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.09.13

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Gloria Victis releases its first pre-alpha trailer
Fantasy Europe is roughly 90% forested ravines by volume.
Gloria Victis has been slowly unveiling new bits of information to fans, mostly focusing on screenshots. But screenshots don't show the world in motion, which is kind of a big deal -- a game can look wonderful in stills but move stiffly, or it can look nice in motion and be boring in static pictures. So fans should be quite happy to see the first trailer from the game showing off four minutes of gameplay, UI, and animations.

If you haven't been interested in Gloria Victis before now, you still might want to take a look at the trailer, since it's narrated with an explanation of the game's design principles and overall goals. It's definitely meant to be more on the low fantasy end of the scale, focusing on freeform attacks and player skill over gear progression and the like. If that sounds like your thing, take a look past the break and check out the full trailer.

[Thanks to Liting for the tip!]
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