Foursquare arrives for Nokia S40s, mayoral population explodes worldwide (update)

Foursquare is looking to make at least 1.5 billion new mayors. The app that gamified being out and about announced that starting today, it's available for Nokia S40 phones. While we haven't seen an Asha in North America in some time, the model line's dominance in emerging markets is nothing to sneeze at. The check-in service also announced its app will be preloaded on "a bunch of new Asha devices" when they're released "in a few months." We've contacted Nokia and Foursquare because the S40 line rolls deep, and will update this post when we find out if the app requires GPS to work -- Nokia's Nearby doesn't. To test it out for yourself, the source links are a click away.

Update: Nokia confirmed to us that Foursquare does not require GPS to work with S40. We're still waiting on a list of those new Asha devices.