Google+ update pulls +1'd posts into your friend's streams

Google has finally added a feature to its social network that makes its +1 feature work more like That Other Social Network's "like" button. As shown above and detailed in a post by team member Shimrit Ben-Yair, starting today it will "occasionally highlight" posts that were +1'd by people you've included in your circles, and show posts you've +1'd to people who have you in their circles. Until now, you had to go to someone's profile to see what posts they'd marked +1, but this change makes it both more familiar (alongside the existing Share button and trending topics) and potentially more annoying. The same circle-based privacy settings that already existed manage who sees your +1s, and you can turn down the volumes on anyone bringing too many items into your stream. The new feature is rolling out over the next few days, let us know if you think it's a change for the better.