StubHub launches Spotify app for direct access to concert listings and tickets

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Joseph Volpe
July 11th, 2013
StubHub launches Spotify app for direct access to concert listings and tickets

Just in time for the summer concert season, Spotify's launching a StubHub app to give fans of sweaty, cramped music venues (indoor and out) quick ticket access. Starting today, Spotify users in the US and UK will be able to access the free app using App Finder to search upcoming concert schedules by location and purchase tickets through provided StubHub links. It's pretty basic stuff, but if you're the impulsive type, this mini-app could be the best thing for your social life and the worst for your wallet.

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StubHub, an online marketplace to access and discover live events, today announced the release of StubHub's Spotify app. The StubHub Spotify app makes it easier than ever for fans who have discovered new talent during the Summer Festival Season to search and attend concerts, opening them up to a whole new world of new fan-experiences.

The free StubHub app, which has launched in both the UK and the US, provides users with information about upcoming concerts in their local area and includes links to buy tickets through StubHub. It also offers the ability for users to search for their favourite artists and see when they're coming to town, meaning a great night out is never far away.

The release of this app signals StubHub's on-going commitment to offering audiences new and innovative ways to discover and experience live events, with a concerted effort on expanding its music related offerings, with recent releases from StubHub including:

· Full integration with London's O2 Arena, meaning that when fans buy through StubHub, the original ticket will be cancelled and a new ticket and barcode in the buyer's name will be issued by the O2, helping to further reassure fans as to a ticket's validity

· Integration with Apple Passbook for over 45 teams and venues in the US where Passbook is enabled for StubHub buyers

· A comprehensive SXSW app for iPhone and iPad which allowed fans to take home the music of SXSW, discover the artists, find local tour dates and tickets, and sample tracks

To download the StubHub app, use Spotify's 'App Finder' and add it to your App List. Visit Spotify at

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