Wii U firmware adds activity to standby mode

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Sinan Kubba
July 11th, 2013
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Wii U firmware adds activity to standby mode
Wii U firmware 3.1.0 U is out now, adding some improvements to the system's standby mode. Nintendo also noted a system update with "further additions to system functionality" is planned for between late September and early October - it's unclear if this is the second major update referred to earlier this year, planned then for the summer.

In the meantime, Nintendo says with 3.1.0 U a standby Wii U "will now regularly connect to the Internet" to check for software and system updates, as well as SpotPass data. The Wii U can download system updates in standby mode, ready to be installed when the Wii U's turned on, while software updates can be downloaded and installed in standby.

Finally, 3.1.0 U keeps it straight and true by sticking to the tried-and-tested "further improvements to overall system stability," as well as other minor improvements.
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