eBay releases Exact iOS app, a shopping portal for customized 3D-printed products

Despite dropping prices in the 3D printer market, not everybody's able to get a MakerBot and print the objects of their desire. Today, however, eBay's launching a way -- aside from trekking to MakerBot's brick and mortar -- for folks to get their 3D printing fix. It's called eBay Exact, an iOS app that lets you buy customizable 3D printed objects from MakerBot, Sculpteo or Hot Pop Factory. For now, you can choose from 18 basic objects that are mostly jewelry, but figurines and phone cases are also available. To place an order, you simply choose your object, then pick from the available customization choices (mostly color and materials options) and check out. It's a fairly simple idea, but you know what's better than us describing it to you? Seeing it for yourself... your download awaits.