WoW Insider Round Table: On the In-Game Store (for 99c)

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The WoW Insider Round Table returns with a somewhat longer discussion of the hottest news of the moment: the In-Game Store. This was recently datamined, and latterly confirmed by Blizzard. We start off by getting a clarification from Matticus on just how Asian servers work, and why their different structure came about, then move into why this store is relevant for those regions. Then we chat about the in-game XP boost, and whether that is a good or a bad thing to sell on the store, before moving into uncharted waters and talking about the other items that have been both confirmed and rumored to be appearing.

The panel are all very positive about the idea of an in-game store, and would encourage more and more items to be sold on it, or at least would buy them themselves, but also see the downsides and the risks of such a move by Blizzard. Overall, the end of the world is not nigh just yet.

The panel this week was Dawn Moore, Matt "Matticus" Low, Sarah Pine and Olivia Grace.
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