4K for £4k: Samsung's latest Ultra HDTVs arriving in the UK

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Steve Dent
July 17, 2013 7:38 AM
4K for £4k: Samsung's latest Ultra HDTVs arriving in the UK

4K for 4k Samsung's latest Ultra HDTVs arriving in the UK

If you're in the mood for more pixels and have the pounds sterling to back it up, there's good news: you'll be able to grab Samsung's 55- and 65-inch 4K TVs later this month in the UK. The smaller UE55F9000 model is going for £4,000 and the UE65F9000 will set you back a cool £6,000. While that's a lot, it's a far cry from Samsung's first UHD TV, the 85-inch S9 model that ran a Fortune 500-level $40 grand (about £26,000). On top of the extra resolution, the new models will give you Samsung's latest goodies like quad-core processing, Micro Dimming LED tech, 3D, built-in WiFi, and an embedded camera. You'll also get an Evolution Kit that'll let you upgrade to future UltraHD standards, if and when they come -- though at that sum, we hope you won't be left wanting for a long, long time.

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New 4K TVs added to Samsung's UHD portfolio

17th July 2013, London, UK – Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd, the UK's number one TV brand with the most awarded TV range1 has today revealed that its 55 and 65-inch UHD F9000 TVs will be available to buy in the UK in July 2.

Offering four times the resolution of current full HD TVs, the availability of the new 55- and 65-inch UHD TVs comes after the UK launch of the 85-inch S9 UHD 4K TV in April 2013. Samsung's unparalleled reputation in picture quality, functionality and design is seen across the series, as it continues to strengthen its leadership in the UHD market with various sized TVs.

Samsung's expanding 2013 UHD TV range delivers superior picture quality. These Ultra High Definition 4K 55" and 65" TV's produce the brightest, clearest images with four times the detail of Full HD to deliver a truly immersive viewing experience. Driven by the Samsung Quadmatic Picture Engine they deliver superior contrast, brightness and detail. Precision Black combined with Samsung's unique Micro Dimming technology provides deeper blacks, purer whites and enhanced colour and detail to every image, while the proprietary UHD panel displays amazingly bright and vivid pictures. Powered by Quad core processing even SD and HD content is transformed by the 4 step up-scaling technology to produce stunningly sharp images on these UHD screens, so you can continue to enjoy all your favourite TV shows and movies.

Samsung's latest UHD TVs feature a host of different functions, including:

Future Ready UHD TV: Smart Evolution technology completely reengineers the TV, allowing viewers to experience the latest Samsung technology and features and can be updated to the latest UHD standards

Smart viewing: Samsung's built-in S Recommendation with voice interaction technology means viewers can more quickly and easily search and find content and get recommendations based on their previous viewings and ratings. They can also now control their TV using everyday language and search for content by actor, title or genre via Samsung's proprietary voice interaction technology

Captivating sound: The powerful 70W Speaker output, combined with the DTS Premium Sound 5.1 capability, provides an immersive simulated surround sound experience, creating a cinematic environment right in your own living room

The UE55F9000 has an RRP £3999.99 and the UE65F9000 an RRP of £5999.99.

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