Daily iPhone App: SneakyPix turns your phone into a spy camera

It's pretty obvious when you are using your iPhone to take a picture. You have to hold the phone in front of your face to focus it correctly and, unless you have it silenced, the camera app makes that recognizable shutter sound when you snap a picture. If you want to be a bit more covert with your photo-taking, you should check out SneakyPix from Skidmore Apps.

SneakyPix is a camera app that hides the fact that you are taking a picture. It automatically takes photos or videos while you pretend to be talking on the phone. It even displays a fake calling screen so the casual onlooker will think you are on a call.

To use SneakyPix, you have to silence your phone and remember to turn off the flash in the camera app. If you forget this second item, your cover will be blown when your flash starts firing while you are on your fake call. With SneakyPix you have the option to take pictures every few seconds or to record video while you hold your camera to your head. There are few options to adjust how many pictures you take and select the resolution of your images. You can also setup a vibrate alert so you know when you are snapping a picture.

The app is easy to use and works flawlessly to record a scene covertly. The photos and videos are saved to your camera roll and the quality of the resulting media is very good. The biggest challenge with SneakyPix is your technique. It's surprisingly difficult to hold a phone to your head and snap a decent picture. You really have to concentrate on the location of your camera in relation to your head and point yourself in the right direction to capture your shot. If you forget, you will get some nice photos of the ceiling or the top of the wall. You also have to stay relatively still to avoid blurring the photographs, especially if you are shooting in low light conditions.

SneakyPix is great for the iPhone owner looking to grab a photo without anyone knowing they are a snapping a picture. You can use it for street photography, for blackmail shots and for photos of camera shy kiddos. SneakyPix is available in the iOS App Store for 99-cents.