Hours of Logic Pro X training are available online

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Logic Pro X, the latest version of Apple's professional recording software, has hit stores with a smorgasbord of new features and options. At $200 the software is decidedly less expensive than its competitor Pro Tools, making it a great budget choice for cash-strapped music producers.

However new software has a learning curve, especially complicated software like a multi-track recording program with programable instruments, pitch editing and other tools you won't know how to use your first time at bat. Thankfully macProVideo.com has posted an exclusive set of online courses for Logic Pro X consisting of videos that allow you to see every step of the process.

Courses are available in Logic Remote, Smart Controls, Flexing Vocals for time and pitch, MIDI FX and the new Drummer feature. Access to macProVideo.com tutorials is US$25 dollars a month for unlimited use. For new Logic users looking for a guide into the wonderful world of recording, these tutorials are a good first step to learning exactly what your new program is capable of.

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