These are the words iOS won't suggest for you

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Yoni Heisler
July 17th, 2013
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These are the words iOS won't suggest for you

These are the words iOS won't suggest for you

Everybody loves a fun auto-correct snapshot, and while some of the more popular examples floating around the web do seem a little bit too hilarious to actually be real, you'd be surprised as to what iOS will come up with when it thinks your spelling is in need of a little guidance.

As a personal example, a friend recently wanted to invite me to a local spot called "Melrose Diner." Instead, I received an invite via text to a place comically called the "Metrosexual Diner." A few seconds later, I received an invite to a place called the "Meal Rose Diner."

Funny stuff. Auto-correct had struck again.

So while auto-correct in iOS will do its darndest to either correct a misspelling or, at the very least, give you something to laugh about, there are a slew of words that iOS will simply not auto-correct, no matter how close the typed word is to the real thing.

What's more, there are a number of misspelled words that Apple will not even proffer complete suggestions for when the user's intent could not be any more clear.

Michael Keller of The Daily Beast recently took a look at some of those words and, not surprisingly, they all are rather loaded, sensitive and controversial.

When you misspell a word on an iOS device-iPhones, iPads, etc., it will be underlined in red. Double-tap the garbled word, and a menu will appear in which you can pick from a few suggestions; hopefully the word you intended to write will be there. This fix works for the vast majority of words -- but a few, like those mentioned above, won't have any suggestions at all, even if you were mistaken by only one character.


According to a Daily Beast analysis, iPhones running Apple's latest software will not suggest corrections for even slight misspellings of such hot-button words as "abortion," "rape," "ammo" and "bullet." For example, if a user types "abortiom" with an "m" instead of an "n," the software won't suggest a correction, as it would with nearly 150,000 other words.

Some other words that Apple won't issue suggestions for include "murder," "virginity," "homoerotic," "marijuana," "suicide" and "abduct."

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