Firefly Online coming to mobile devices in 2014, Firefly Universe Online ceases development [Updated]

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|07.18.13

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Firefly Online coming to mobile devices in 2014, Firefly Universe Online ceases development [Updated]
Firefly Online coming to mobile devices in 2014
Well Browncoats, it's true: Firefly Online is about to be a thing. It may not be as big of a thing as you may have hoped, however. Developer Quantum Mechanix Interactive revealed that the title will be a mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms. It looks to have the full support of Fox and is scheduled to hit the app stores in summer 2014.

QMx is aiming to both misbehave and to recreate the Firefly experience for wannabe captains. Players will customize their ships, hire a crew, and seek jobs in the 'Verse.

This project is not to be confused with the dubious Firefly Universe Online. The official announcement trailer is after the jump.

[Update: The DarkCryo team working on Firefly Universe Online has apparently ceased development on that not-quite-authorized title. A message posted to the FUO site today reads, "Its about gorram time! For years the DarkCryo family have been campaigning for a licensed Firefly interactive title, and are most excited that the fine VPs of FOX Entertainment Group have finally decided to stand up and take notice of its amazing potential. Acting in good faith to our original promise not to cause unfair competition should this day ever come, we shall now pass the baton to the QMx team in support of their shiny new venture, as we focus our flagship release onto greater heights. We are very proud to have contributed to the legacy of keeping the signal alive these many years, and look forward to seeing you all inworld! ~ your DarkCryo Crew." Thanks to Jeff for this tip!]
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