Nokia reports smaller $150 million loss in Q2 2013, Lumia sales up to 7.4 million

After BlackBerry's disastrous earnings a couple of weeks back, Nokia and Microsoft have clear bragging rights over third place in the ecosystem war -- but does a bronze medal earn you any cash? The Finnish manufacturer has reported declining Q2 2013 revenues of €5.69 billion ($7.4 billion) compared to the $9.2 billion earned in the same quarter last year. The good news is that the huge financial losses of 2012 seem to be gone, with today's reported loss standing at just €115 million ($150 million), all of which can be laid at the feet of Nokia's devices and services division.

Meanwhile, the company's smartphone sales seem to be growing thanks to fresh Lumia models like the 520, 620 and 720 -- with a total of 7.4 million Windows Phone 8 devices sold in the quarter. For context, that's significantly more than the 6.8 million units BlackBerry could boast in its latest report. It's also a big improvement on the 5.6 million in Lumia sales from Q1 and the 4.4 million sold in Q4 2012. However, the Asha division saw sales slip down from 5 million last quarter to 4.3 million now. Oh, and if anyone's still in the market for a Symbian handset, better be quick -- the company is reporting that sales of the phones are now "approximately zero."

In other parts of the business, "Here," Nokia's renamed mapping division, lost €89 million ($116 million) while Nokia Siemens Networks made a slender €8 million ($10.4 million) profit. Looking forward, the company has said that it's lowering its future estimates by two percent, saying that dwindling demand, higher operating expenses and "the macroeconomic environment" will all help to erode the company's cash reserves. But hey, at least Microsoft's still kicking in that $250 million in alimony platform support payments.