RunKeeper for iOS now motivates you with real-world training programs

RunKeeper for iOS now motivates you with real-world training programs

It's easy to find running apps that offer goals -- it's harder to find one that inspires you to run in the first place. RunKeeper wants to be that motivator, and it just overhauled the training section of its iOS app to match. The refresh takes broad, skill-based programs from sites like Greatist and breaks them down into more realistic daily objectives, such as running a little bit further or taking a break. There's also a steady stream of tips for staying healthy between sessions. RunKeeper hasn't said when Android-bound athletes will get the new training routines, but their iPhone-owning counterparts can grab the update at the source link.

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RunKeeper Announces New In-App Training Experience

Goal-Oriented Plans Open Up The Possibilities of Personal Training to Anyone

Boston, Ma. -- In its quest to turn the phone into a personal trainer in your pocket, RunKeeper is announcing a complete revamp of its in-app training plan experience. While RunKeeper started as a fitness tracker, the company believes that expert guidance is something that should be available to everyone, and has increasingly been working to provide this kind of guidance within its mobile experience.

RunKeeper aims to help users, regardless of their abilities, achieve their fitness goals. A big first step is to provide guidance that simulates the way people think about training in real life. New RunKeeper training plans from many additional content partners, including leading fitness site Greatist, help users break down long-term goals into a set of manageable, day-by-day steps. These plans are reinforced by daily tips on topics like nutrition, stretching, and hydration, making the experience within the app a more complete view of how to lead an overall healthier lifestyle. A broader menu of goals help users choose a program that's right for them -- regardless of whether they're beginners, advanced runners, or anywhere in between.

"With this update, RunKeeper is taking another step towards bringing the expert guidance of a personal trainer to the convenience of a smartphone, in an automated way," said RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs. "Tracking your activities is a start, but guidance is key for many people who are trying to improve and may not know where to begin. Over time, the goal is to evolve into a sort of personalized coach for our users -- helping them make smarter decisions about their health and fitness."

"Greatist and RunKeeper make a great pairing," said Greatist CEO Derek Flanzraich. "Both companies are just super passionate about helping people lead healthier lives. Greatist's trusted content combined with RunKeeper's new training plan delivery system means helping many more people achieve their fitness goals in an awesome way."

Since the introduction of an initial set of training plans, RunKeeper users that follow them have worked out on average 50% more per week than those that just use RunKeeper strictly for fitness tracking. With the new improvements to delivery and expanded content choices, RunKeeper is confident these numbers will climb even higher.

Download the new version of RunKeeper with new, improved training plans on iOS.