Honda's Mean Mower runs up to 130MPH, makes yardwork exciting (video)

Forget robotic drones; Honda's new lawnmower can turn a dreary task into an X Games sport. Honda aptly calls it the Mean Mower and claims it can reach speeds up to 130MPH and can go from 0 to 60MPH in just four seconds. For a lawnmower to reach those staggering numbers, the company's UK arm reached out to Team Dynamics, its British Touring Car Championship partner. They redesigned one of the company's machines, equipped it with a motorcycle engine to make it more powerful and replaced some of its parts with fiberglass to shave off some of its weight. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you can cut grass while speeding and drifting like Vin Diesel -- its cutting cables only work if you slow it down to 15MPH. No word yet on whether the Mean Mower will hit the market, but speed devils can live their Fast and Furious lawnmowing dreams vicariously through the driver in the clip below.