Algoriddim launches Djay 2 with sample player, HD waveforms and a party starting pedigree

If you own an iDevice, and don't know Djay by Algoriddim, then frankly you should. Even Apple loved it enough to feature it in its own marketing materials and give it a design award. Now, it's back with a remix, or more precisely, version two. Djay 2 brings with it a bevy of new features, including: a built-in sampler, HD waveforms, slip mode (scratch without ruining your mix) and enhanced support for hardware controllers (details listed in the press release below). There are also some neat UI tweaks, not only to let you access the new HD waveform view (similar to that of Traktor DJ), or use a single deck portrait view for increased visibility, but other neat details such as "grooves" in the virtual vinyl that match the flow of your tracks (for spotting the breakdowns). There's a demo video past the break, but if you're the hands-on type, you can skip straight through to the App store and get it for yourself. Like the fees for the DJs who will be spinning with it, the prices are low right now ($0.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad during launch week), but expect them to go up once your buddies hear about it.