Author Neil Gaiman enters gaming with Wayward Manor

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Author Neil Gaiman enters gaming with Wayward Manor

Award winning author and screenwriter Neil Gaiman, best known for his works The Sandman, Coraline, and (for better or worse) Beowulf, to name a few, has announced Wayward Manor, a new puzzle / adventure game for Mac and "tablets," to be released in the fall

Wayward Manor is set in a 1920s Victorian pastoral estate. You, the protagonist, are a ghost trying to have a peaceful after-life. However, your slumber is interrupted by unruly, quirky, living intruders. Your goal is to get rid of them in ever increasing and imaginative ways. The game has been developed by indie outfit The Odd Gentleman (Flea Symphony).

Wayward Manor is now available for pre-order as well as a selection of limited edition products and experiences (including dinner with Neil Gaiman himself for US$10,000) to raise funds for the next installment of the game)

For more details check out the rather peculiar promo clip below or head to the Wayward Manor website for details and to pre-order.

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