Blackmagic's 4K camera delayed, Pocket Cinema model to ship in '3-4 days'

If you've pre-ordered one of the two Blackmagic cinema cams announced at NAB this year, there's good, not-so-good and bad news coming out of a Blackmagic event yesterday. First the good: Blackmagic's Pocket Cinema model, which stunned observers with its 1080P RAW specs and sub-$1,000 price tag, should start shipping in a few days. That's close to the July 25th date promised for both cameras, although there could be a not-so-good caveat. John Brawley (who showed off the Pocket Cinema's first pristine images) told forum users that it would likely only have ProRes 422 support, and not RAW, at first -- though Blackmagic told us they "couldn't confirm" that. As for the bad part, those who laid down the most cash ($4,000 or so) will have to wait for the Production Camera 4K. The company told event-goers it wouldn't arrive until early September now, but when we reached out for clarification, it gave the following statement:

With regards to the Production Camera 4K there is still several weeks of work to do before this enters full production manufacturing, however we expect to ship the first quantities of this model before the end of August.

Still, given the company's track record of delays with the original Cinema Camera, you may want to avoid relying on that info for any time-specific projects.