Scare the pants off Sunday with Doorways

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Jessica Conditt
July 28th, 2013
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Scare the pants off Sunday with Doorways

It's easy to compare Doorways to Amnesia, a cult classic horror game that has withstood the test of time and PC upgrades. This stems from a few reasons: One, the voice actor in Amnesia, Sam Mowry, voices Thomas Foster in Doorways. And two, we just watched the trailer for Doorways and haven't felt this tingle of fear from a video game since first picking up the mouse for Amnesia.

Doorways is due out this year for PC, Mac and Linux from Argentinian developer Saibot Studios. If the trailer isn't enough of a tease, check out the 16-minute Let's Play from PewDiePie. Saibot brought Doorways to E3 this year as the top game in Indies Crash E3, a fan-voted contest held by Ensemble Studios.

Doorways is up for a spot on Steam Greenlight, which is fitting because players will probably ask for a light – any light, please – when playing the game.
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