DevJuice: About that Xcode beta...

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Erica Sadun
July 30th, 2013
DevJuice: About that Xcode beta...

A few things you should note about yesterday's Xcode beta release...

First, new sizes and naming updates apply to asset catalogs. Here's my latest list of what I believe you need to be building on a per-app basis for icons. No, none of this is documented anywhere. I also believe there were no changes to launch images.

  • AppIcon40x40@2x~ipad.png
  • AppIcon40x40~ipad.png
  • AppIcon29x29@2x.png
  • AppIcon60x60@2x.png
  • AppIcon29x29@2x~ipad.png
  • AppIcon76x76@2x~ipad.png
  • AppIcon29x29~ipad.png
  • AppIcon76x76~ipad.png
  • AppIcon40x40@2x.png

Second, pay special care to the beta API diffs -- especially anyone doing view controller layout. I just spent 4 hours updating a common pattern throughout several books of sample code.

Finally, is it just me, or is that the ugliest Xcode update ever?

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