Time Warner Cable drops CBS in NYC, LA and Dallas (update: maybe not)

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Time Warner Cable drops CBS in NYC, LA and Dallas (update: maybe not)

Time Warner Cable and CBS have been negotiating over a retrans deal for quite some time, and after several extensions talks broke down tonight. TWC's static replacement page for the networks even suggests Aereo as a replacement, an interesting endorsement considering the online service's legal entanglements. According to a statement from Time Warner Cable, this means it's dropping CBS in regions including New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles. Nationally, Time Warner Cable subscribers will do without Showtime, The Movie Channel, Flix and Smithsonian Channel. As CBS' website helpfully points out, if it goes one this means subscribers will also miss college and pro football, MLB, PGA Tour and US Open events, shows like Under the Dome, CSI and more. Of course, Time Warner Cable's site points to options like the CBS.com website. We'll see who holds out, and for how long -- check after the break for a list of affected channels and areas.

Update: According to Time Warner Cable, at the request of CBS it has stopped removing the channels, so if you've been seeing a replacement screen your programs may be back very soon. Both sides indicate negotiations are ongoing, we'll let you know if there are any updates.

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Update on CBS and SHOWTIME Blackouts
CBS Corporation, the owner of several TV networks and broadcast TV stations, has demanded an outrageous increase in the amount we pay on behalf of our customers for their programming. As a result, several CBS-owned channels have been removed from your lineup, while we continue to negotiate for fair and reasonable terms.

We deeply regret being forced into this position by CBS, but we're prepared to stand by our customers and do what it takes to fight these outrageous increases.

The affected channels are:

CBS Owned-and-Operated TV stations in the following cities*:
Los Angeles: KCBS and KCAL-Ind.
New York: WCBS
Dallas-Ft. Worth: KTVT-CBS and KTXA-Ind.
Boston: WBZ-CBS and WSBK-Ind. (carried in parts of NH and MA)
Chicago: WBBM-CBS (carried in parts of WI)
Denver: KCNC-CBS (carried in Gunnison and Telluride)
Detroit: WKBD-CW (carried in parts of OH)
Pittsburgh: KDKA-CBS and WPCW-CW (carried in parts of OH)
The Movie Channel (TMC)
Smithsonian Channel
*Important note-if the city of your CBS station isn't listed here, you are not subject to a CBS station blackout because of CBS actions.

CBS has demanded outrageous fee increases-amounting to 600% more than what we pay for other CBS stations across the country. That's not fair to you.

We thank you for your patience and support, and appreciate you being a Time Warner Cable Customer.

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