Google taps film students with Glass Creative Collective

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|07.31.13

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Glass hasn't exactly been revered for its brilliant image quality, but that's not stopping Google from making a push among budding filmmakers. The Glass Creative Collective, a partnership with film and design schools, is intended to familiarize students at a handful of institutions with the video-capture wearable. Several colleges, including the Rhode Island School of Design, UCLA and the University of Southern California are on board -- students will reportedly begin exploring the device as a filmmaking tool beginning this fall. Glass could be a fit for documentary filmmaking, and for capturing point-of-view footage, of course, but performance limitations would likely prevent it from taking on a starring role in any production. We're a bit skeptical that the Creative Collective will be a booming success, but Google's promised to circle back with results once the program gets off the ground.

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