Journey and The Unfinished Swan bundle up on PSN for $15

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Journey and The Unfinished Swan bundle up on PSN for $15
Journey and The Unfinished Swan bundle up together on PSN for $15
Journey and The Unfinished Swan are available in one beautiful bundle, wandering onto PS3 for $15 via the PlayStation Store. They're siblings in the gaming realm, both offering individualized, introspective gameplay, though brought about by disparate worlds and mechanics.

"We're incredibly happy to have The Unfinished Swan bundled with Journey because our game owes such a big debt to Journey and all the other games from thatgamecompany," says Giant Sparrow president Ian Dallas, creator of The Unfinished Swan. "It's not too much of a stretch to say that our game wouldn't exist without them. I think it was the warm reception for Flow and Flower that gave Sony the courage to fund our game, made by another team of inexperienced folks with unusual and impractical ideas."

Journey was our No. 1 game of the year for 2012, for offering a "joyous illustration of how games can effectively stir and converse with players." The Unfinished Swan, we found, is a whimsical, fantastical journey through the nostalgia of childhood amazement. Joy, whimsy and fantasy – sounds like a good bundle to us.
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