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AT&T to launch international plan exclusively for those studying abroad

AT&T to launch international plan exclusively for those studying abroad
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee|@nicole|August 1, 2013 7:21 PM

If you're a student or teacher looking to expand your horizons in foreign lands this coming semester, the last thing you need is an astronomical phone bill thanks to those nasty roaming charges. AT&T aims to lend a helping hand with a new international roaming plan designed exclusively for those participating in study abroad programs. Launching August 9th, the plan consists of two packages -- the $60 a month option includes 250 minutes, 250 outgoing messages and 250MB of data, while the $90 option gives you 400 minutes, 400 outgoing messages and 400MB of data plus 1GB of hotspot use on qualifying devices. It's still not exactly cheap, but the Study Abroad plan is a decent option if you want to keep your existing AT&T number as you go globetrotting. That said, we'd encourage you to look for slightly more affordable alternatives before you flex that passport.

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AT&T Is Making It Easier And More Affordable For Students To Stay Connected While Abroad

New Study Abroad Packages Bundle Calling, Messaging and Data; Available August 9th

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the start of the new school year quickly approaching, AT&T* is excited to introduce AT&T Study Abroad, an international roaming package designed exclusively for students and teachers participating in a study abroad program. The package will be available August 9th-just in time for school.

Instead of signing up for local wireless service while abroad-which means family and friends back home must call an international number to reach you, AT&T Study Abroad offers students and teachers the convenience of having their existing AT&T device, mobile number and content during their stay. Plus they can take advantage of significant savings when calling, messaging or using data in more than 150 countries.

Eligible customers can choose from two package options:

The $60/month package includes 250 voice minutes, 250 outgoing messages and 250MB of cellular data.
The $90/month package includes 400 voice minutes, 400 outgoing messages, 400MB of cellular data and 1GB of Wi-Fi on eligible devices.
Customers can call 877-777-4186 to sign up for one of the new Study Abroad package options, beginning August 9.

Please visit att.com/studyabroad today for more information, including eligibility requirements.**

AT&T to launch international plan exclusively for those studying abroad