Motorola Connect and Migrate tools arrive ahead of Moto X event

Motorola Connect for Moto X hits Chrome Web Store early, lets you check calls and texts from the web

We thought we knew virtually everything there was to know about the Moto X ahead of its launch later today, but Motorola apparently has a few surprises left -- or rather, had. The company has quietly posted two tools that are clearly targeted at users of its upcoming flagship. Motorola Connect, a Chrome extension, lets those with a Moto X or a new Droid phone handle their incoming calls and text messages through web notifications. Motorola Migrate, in turn, is built to ease the pain of moving to a new Motorola phone -- the Android app lets users transfer media, text messages and other content that Google doesn't necessarily store in the cloud. We'll no doubt hear more about Connect and Migrate at the Moto X unveiling, but those who want to get a first-hand look can download both utilities at the source links.