Motorola to crowdsource Moto X design with future Facebook poll

Customization -- that's the big story revolving around today's Moto X reveal. When Motorola's breezy, made-to-order Moto Maker site goes live later this summer, AT&T users will be able to sift through a bevy of color options to put their individual stamp on the device. But that's just part one of the new Motorola's trailblazing direction, the next is making that design social. At some unspecified future point, the company plans to launch a Facebook polling page littered with numerous colored and patterned variants (e.g., one of the options we saw, a gold brown hue, was labeled "The Dude") that users can vote on via existing social means. While Motorola's still working out the specifics of the polling process and potential launch window, it's safe to assume users will be able to pin (via Pinterest), like, or even +1 design candidates. Not much more detail was given -- again this is merely an indicator of the company's revamped product portfolio approach. For sure, it has a built-in hook: user engagement. And what company doesn't love a user base that's paying very close attention?