HTC One Max reportedly surfaces in photos with 5.9-inch display

Word of the HTC One Max surfaced in a leaked document from UK carrier O2 (although we've lovingly referred to it as the T6 for some time now) but now the phone finally seems to be making an appearance in the flesh. Taiwanese site ePrice has gotten its collective mitts on two photos of what's claimed to be the retooled flagship, which boasts a 5.9-inch 1080p display. Differences in the hardware don't exactly jump out at first blush, but the relative distance between the lower speaker grill and its buttons hint at a larger screen. While the One Mini's grate doesn't extend as far as the full-sized smartphone's, the grill on this jumbo device stretches past that of both handsets.Though this model also sports traditional China-specific tweaks such as dual SIM slots, the most notable changes include an upgrade to a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and a 3,200mAh battery. ePrice says an official One Max appearance is rumored for next month at IFA, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for invitations to special unveiling events.