The Dream Machine chapter 4 wakes up on Steam

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The Dream Machine chapter 4 wakes up on Steam

The Dream Machine chapter 4 is out now on Steam for PC and Mac.

If you're still here, we'll assume you haven't played The Dream Machine chapters 1 - 3 and need extra encouragement to go play chapter 4 right this very moment. The Dream Machine is an award-winning psychological thriller, a cardboard-and-clay point-and-click adventure through an apartment complex that offers a young couple more than four walls and a roof. It's what's in those walls that tells the real story.

The Dream Machine comes from Cockroach Inc., a Swedish indie duo that created the series in 2008. It's been more than a year since chapter 3 launched, and with the fourth installment, Cockroach Inc. announced there will be six chapters in total. All parts are available on Steam for $17, or individually for $5 each (chapters 1 and 2 come in one bundle).

The entire game is also available via Cockroach Inc. directly. Go.
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