Breakfast Topic: Do you play solo or in groups?

Certainly at the highest levels, WoW is designed to favor group play in dungeons, raids, and arenas. This can be a big change of pace for the new player since up to level 90, you can get through most of the game solo. But even then, players who would rather be lone wolves in a sea of group content can find new quests to work on and plenty of older content can now be solo'd for fun and challenge. In fact, my schedule means I primarily play on my own, carving out little chunks of game time here and there -- and while it's still plenty of fun, I'm not sure it's exactly the game Blizzard intended... and I definitely miss the fun of grouping with friends when my schedule doesn't match theirs.

So tell us, readers, how do you game? Do you play on your own, rely on a few gaming buddies, or work with even larger groups -- be it a guild or LFR -- to conquer raid-sized content? Is your gameplay style by choice or because of limited time or difficulty scheduling with your friends?