/blink: 1994 - 2013

blink 1994  2013

As much as we'd thought that blinking text had already gone the way of our first Angelfire fanpage, it's only now that the much-loathed HTML tag has met its maker. Firefox 23 has officially axed support for the tag, joining the ranks of Chrome, Safari and Opera in a group of would-be assassins. Like many bad decisions, blinking was conceived after a long night of drinking, with Netscape's founding engineer Lou Montulli lamenting the limitations of Lynx in a bar. While Lynx couldn't run a huge majority of HTML extensions that he and his team were spit-balling, it transpired that blinking text would, and the rest is a history that we'd rather put behind us. It's just a shame that Mozilla can't erase our youthful indiscretion so easily.