Xbox One's Game DVR, TV guide and NFL streaming inoperable without Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft's Xbox One won't allow users without Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to access its Game DVR, touted as one of the game console's most important features. The console also won't allow access to services like Skype, One Guide (the TV guide-esque software built in) and a variety of other internet-based services should its owner not pay the requisite $60 per year for Xbox Live Gold membership. An page lists the features (seen above), while OneHitPixel reportedly got confirmation from Microsoft on the Game DVR not working without XBL Gold.

Of course, the Xbox 360 version of Xbox Live Gold membership enables basic internet-based functionality like streaming Netflix / Hulu / etc., and multiplayer gaming. By contrast, Sony's PlayStation Plus membership on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 offers free games each month (Microsoft started doing something similar recently as well), though non-members on both consoles can use various online services (including online play and content streaming); that's changing on the PlayStation 4, where PS Plus membership is required for most online games.

Update: A Microsoft rep tells Engadget, "The features listed will need an Xbox Live Gold membership."