How to decide if you need a new smartphone

Ilene Hoffman
I. Hoffman|08.08.13

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Ilene Hoffman
August 8th, 2013
How to decide if you need a new smartphone

With a new iPhone looming on the horizon, it might be time to take stock as to whether you really need to buy a new one. Just last week, I had a conversation as to whether it was time to replace my iPhone 4, and the first question asked of me was, does my phone work and do everything I need it to do? My answer was yes. So, even with that burning desire to upgrade, I decided to keep what I have.

It's always best to consider the whole picture when making a decision to upgrade your phone and Gigaom has hit the nail on the head with Alex Colon's article, "How to decide whether to buy a new smartphone." Alex offers some good concise advice to consider in your lust for a new smartphone. This sidesteps that burning desire to own the latest and greatest products though.

The article poses a set of 10 rational questions for you to consider before emptying your wallet on some retailer's counter.

  1. Does your phone work?
  2. Can you renew your contract to get a subsidized price?
  3. Can you get a discount?
  4. When was the last version of the phone you want refreshed?
  5. Have you chosen a carrier?
  6. Which is the right platform for you? (Gigamon recommends the iPhone if you're an app junkie.)
  7. Or do you love freedom? (Gigamon cites that Android and Windows phones offer more customization than the iPhone.)
  8. And which is the right phone?
  9. Try before you buy.
  10. Can you return your phone? (I once bought a phone only to discover it had no cell coverage in the states where I travel. Thankfully, the carrier took the phone back within the first month with no hassle.)
  11. Do you even need a new phone?

If cell phones hold a certain fascination for you, then you should take a gander at this article, "The Evolution of Cell Phone Design Between 1983-2009" from Web Designer Depot. It's a fun look at phones we have used and discarded through the years.

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