Reuters: BlackBerry leadership is open to the idea of going private

As BlackBerry continues to claw its way back into the smartphone race, a Reuters rumor tonight suggests its next move may be to pull a Dell and go private. Among other possible options including licensing the BlackBerry 10 OS or "other partnerships," the idea is that this could let it fix problems away from the public eye. The paper's "sources familiar with the situation" indicated BlackBerry has talked with private equity firm Silver Lake Partners -- currently best known for its part in the still-in-limbo Dell buyout -- about teaming up on enterprise computing, but that those talks did not include buyout-related discussions. Of course, being open to the idea is hardly actually taking the jump, and many analysts, investors and potential partners have their own ideas about how to repair things in Waterloo. We'll see if these rumors ever pan out, feel free to leave suggestions for Thorsten & Co. -- remember, BBM on iOS and Android is already happening -- in the comments below.