Designer gives OS X the iOS 7 treatment

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Mike Wehner
August 10th, 2013
Designer gives OS X the iOS 7 treatment

iOS 7 will give iPhones and iPads a rather drastic makeover when it launches publicly later this year. While we already know that the next version of OS X, Mavericks, doesn't offer the same visual refresh, that didn't stop designer Stu Crew from doing Apple's work for it. The new OS X concept, which Crew has named "Ivericks," employs the same simplistic, modern design principles as iOS 7 to create a rather appealing product.

Designer gives OS X the iOS 7 treatment

Gone are the beveled windows and faux 3D buttons and in their place are narrow lines and a minimalist aesthetic that seems very much like it could have come straight from Cupertino. My own personal favorite touch is the completely revamped calculator, which takes obvious cues from the calculator app in iOS 7, and still looks gorgeous. Take a look at the full set of concept renders on Crew's blog.

[via TheNextWeb]

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