KeyMe iOS app photographs your keys and stores them in the cloud

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Melissa Grey
August 9, 2013 12:58 AM
KeyMe iOS app photographs your keys and stores them in the cloud

We've all been there. Staring forlornly at a locked door, keyless, with Gandalf's rumbling voice echoing in our heads, telling us that we would not pass. It's a sorry sight, and the people behind the iOS app KeyMe are determined to make it a thing of the past. The app (available at the link below) takes photos of your keys and scans them to translate the images into diagrams. If you've locked yourself out, you can simply waltz into your local locksmith's shop with your diagram or find a KeyMe kiosk near you to have an identical key cut. It's free to store your keys in the cloud, but accessing them comes with a $10 charge (which is pretty small potatoes when you consider the cost of an emergency locksmith). While the app is strictly iOS for now, an Android version is in the works, though KeyMe cautions users not to expect it anytime soon.

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