Xbox One's Xbox Live Gold benefits, digital games shared with all users on a single console

The Xbox One game console will enable all users of a single console to enjoy the benefits of a single users' Xbox Live Gold account, Microsoft announced this afternoon. This initiative, called "Home Gold," includes online multiplayer, various streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, NFL), Game DVR and the One Guide -- services that are specifically enabled through Xbox Live Gold membership ($60 a year). That also includes digital games that any user of a single Xbox One purchased as well, a variant of functionality that Microsoft previously promised with Xbox One and subsequently rolled back after consumers reacted negatively.

Microsoft's Xbox VP Marc Whitten announced as much on the company's Xbox news site, Xbox Wire, where he wrote:

"It means that your account and your gamertag are truly yours. You don't have to share your gamertag for multiplayer gaming with others in your home, or see recommendations for your kid's cartoons next to the recommended first-person shooter for you. It also means that you can introduce new games and enjoy multiplayer with friends while they are at your house. Last but not least, it also means that when you buy one Xbox Live Gold membership, multiple people can enjoy the best benefits of Xbox Live Gold on your Xbox One at no additional charge."

Apparently the same XBL Gold account can be signed in on both an Xbox One and an Xbox 360; as expected, Xbox 360 Gold accounts carry over to Xbox One, though this is the first we're hearing about peaceful co-existence between the two consoles. We'll surely hear more from Whitten and co. in Cologne, Germany during Gamescom 2013 in just a few weeks.