eBay My Gadgets now open to all, shows you how much your tech items are worth (video)

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Edgar Alvarez
August 14th, 2013
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eBay My Gadgets now open to all, shows you how much your tech items are worth (video)

eBay is clearly not putting all the eggs in one basket: the company's been trying to reach more and more audiences with things like its flourishing one-day delivery service and a portal for 3D-printed products. As part of this growth, the online marketplace behemoth is now officially launching My Gadgets, a feature that allows eBay users to easily determine the value of items in their device portfolio -- you know, in case you're looking to clear out the old and make way for the new. eBay says the newly minted hub will be able to display the individual and collective value of stuff, with prices being based on its own "unique data on current sales trends and prices for both new and vintage electronic items." The link to eBay's My Gadgets is down below, so head on over if you're looking to build a little gadget database for yourself.

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eBay launches My Gadgets, a Personalized way to CATALOG and view the value of ITEMS in your gadget collection

Product helps you easily sell tech products when you feel the time and price are right

SAN JOSE, Calif.-August 15, 2013 – eBay announced the launch of My Gadgets, a product that enables users to easily catalog their tech collections and see the current value of each of their tech items to help inform selling decisions. Available at http://www.ebay.com/mygadgets, My Gadgets organizes and saves all of your gadgets in a single place – making it easy to view the individual and collective values, based on eBay's unique data on current sales trends and prices for both new and vintage electronics items.

How it works:
Add Your Items: My Gadgets has information on thousands of tech items; users can type their gadget into the search bar or browse through featured categories to add to their collections.

See The Value: My Gadgets calculates the current value of your item(s) based on unique eBay data on sales trends and average selling price information from recent sales.

Sell it With Ease: My Gadgets makes selling your electronics items on eBay easier than ever; quickly create an eBay listing from within your My Gadget collection using a streamlined listing tool, pre-populated product information, and current sales trends to help determine a fair price.

Highlights/Key Facts:

Background and Insights
According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans own approximately 24 electronic products per household – and spending is on the rise!

The average adult spends $746 on tech products, up 35% since 2012
Adults ages 25-34 show the most dramatic increase in purchases – spending $1,171 on tech, which represents a 62% increase since 2012
And, worldwide spending on consumer gadgets is expected to reach $1.1 trillion in 2013
My Gadgets offers a personalized way to keep track your gadgets.

The product contains thousands of gadgets, and it's never been easier to view the total value of your tech collection.
Items are organized by category to make adding new items to your collection fast and simple.
My Gadgets makes selling tech on eBay even easier while helping to keep harmful e-waste out of landfills.
By selecting the item you want to sell and clicking the "Sell Now" button, you can quickly create a listing to for your gadget using a streamlined listing tool and pre-populated product information.

My Gadgets shares the average value of your item based on similar items bought and sold on eBay so you can make informed decisions when the timing is right.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2.4 million tons of electronic waste hit US landfills each year. Of that 2.4 million tons of e-waste, consumers threw away or recycled 142,000 computers and over 416,000 mobile devices every day!
My Gadgets helps you easily sell a tech item when you decide to replace it, extending the life-cycle of the product and putting it in the hands of someone who will continue using it.

Giving one used smartphone a new life with eBay My Gadgets can protect up to 50 square feet of forest
eBay connects people with the things they need and love virtually anytime, anywhere.

Through eBay, a cell phone is sold every 4 seconds, a pair of headphones is sold every 9 seconds and an iPad is sold every minute.
eBay's wealth of data puts personalization in the context of shopping and selling for our users.

We have a wealth of research on our customers' needs and wants, and deep data from their interactions with eBay.

We're using this data, our wide inventory and millions of users to deliver richer, deeper, more personalized shopping experiences that are tailored and relevant for each individual customer.

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