Google Fiber has Vudu integration on its set-top boxes, Android app

The Google Fiber Android app got an update today that adds support for Vudu, adding another over-the-top video service along with Netflix and YouTube. The support pages for its Vudu setup seemingly date back to August 5th, but we haven't heard anything about the launch from either company. According to its change log, the update will allow viewers to search for and view content across their TV and mobile screens, although the iPad app hasn't received any update yet. Also new to the Android version are channel shortcuts in the main menu for faster switching back and forth. This addition should bring Ultraviolet digital copies to Google's TV service, although the support page notes users will have to login to Vudu separately on each set-top box. That is, assuming they're lucky enough to live in a place where Google Fiber is available.

Update: Google put up a blog post mentioning the feature's launch, and confirms the Google Fiber iPad app will be updated to support Vudu.